Houston Chronicle

Houston Federation of Teachers

Houston Educational Support Personnel- HESP Union

Houston Black American Democrats

Harris County Tejano Democrats

Northeast Ministerial Alliance

Baptist Ministers Association of Houston & Vicinity PAC

Harris County Council of Organizations (HCCO)

Pleasantville Voter's League

Houston GLBT Political Caucus

Houston Stonewall Young Democrats

Momentum PAC

Area 5, Pasadena Democrats

Democracy for Houston

Houston Area Stonewall Democrats

Communication Workers of America, Local 6222

Harris County AFL-CIO Council


  Quality Supporters

  • The Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee (D-18)
  • The Honorable Ronald C. Green (Controller)
  • The Honorable Rodney Ellis (SD-13)
  • The Honorable Sylvester Turner (HD-139)
  • The Honorable Senfronia Thompson (HD-141)
  • The Honorable Garnet Coleman (HD-147)
  • The Honorable Alma Allen (HD- 131)
  • The Honorable Boris Miles (HD- 146)
  • The Honorable Armando Walle (HD-140)
  • The Honorable Ron Reynolds (HD-27)
  • The Honorable Eric Johnson (HD-100)
  • The Honorable Chris Bell      (formerly CD-9)
  • The Honorable Sylvia Garcia (formlery Pct. 2 Commissioner)
  • The Honorable Al Edwards (formerly HD-146)
  • Councilman Andrew C. Burks  (At-Large, Pos. 2)
  • Councilman Larry Green (District K)
  • Trustee Carroll G. Robinson (HCC, District IV)
  • Trustee Rhonda Skillern-Jones (HISD, District II)
  • Trustee Paula Harris, (HISD, District IV)
  • Trustee Juliet Stipeche, (HISD, District VIII)
  • Trustee Lawrence Marshall (HISD, District IX)
  • Trustee Carol Galloway, (Immediate- Past, HISD, District II)
  • Mr. Allan R. Jamail, State Democratic Executive Committeeman
  • Mr. Claude Cummings, Jr., VP, Communication Workers of America, District 6
  • Mrs. Willie Belle Boone, Chair, Pct. 158
  • Dr. Reagan Flowers, CEO, C-STEM, Former Candidate, HCBE, Pos. 6, Pct. 1
  • Bishop James E. Dixon, II
  • Rev. Manson Johnson
  • Rev. Max Miller
  • Pastor T. Leon Preston
  • Rev. Charles Ogletree
  • Rev. Maxie
  • Dr. Elwyn C. Lee
  • Mr. Germaine L. Champion
  • Attorney Ben Hall
  • Mr. David Anderson, III
  • Mr. Brandon Dudley
  • Dr. Frazier Wilson
  • Mr. Shawn Raymond
  • Mrs. Colleen Dippel
  • Ms. Duni Hebron
  • Mr. Gerald Womack
  • Mr. Goodwille Pierre
  • Mrs. Jackie Pierre
  • Mr. Ben Mendez
  • Dr. Ayana Allen
  • Dr. Polly Turner
  • Mrs. Jewel McGowan
  • Dr. Davetta Daniels
  • Mr. & Mrs. Brad Sullivan
  • Mr. Ed Hamb, II
  • Ms. Tiffany D. Thomas
  • Mr. Tony Garcia
  • Mr. Chanler Langham
  • Mr. Adrian Patterson
  • Mr. Jamaal Smith 
  • Mr. Andrew Higgins
  • Dr. Reynaldo Guerra
  • Ms. Danielle Bess
  • Mr. John Guess IV
  • Mr. Dwight Boykins
  • Mr. Elijah Williams
  • Mr. Barry Hammond
  • Mr. Anthony Blow
  • Mr. Reginald Sewell
  • Mr. Kevin Riles
  • Mr. Michael Alexander
  • Mrs. Dana Enriquez-Vontoure
  • Ms. Candice Jackson
  • Ms. Jael Miller
  • Ms. Teal Holden
  • Ms. Nelsy Gomez
  • Ms. Alma Lara


Lee for Education, Treasurer, G.L. Champion.
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